The drums are easily the foundation and the heartbeat of your song…So if they aren’t mixed well then the rest of your song will fall apart! I’m here to help you make sure that your drums smack and cut through your mix to make your song sound amazing!

I will clean them, edit them comp together multiple takes and even add make them sound big and explosive through the creative use of samples. Do you have drums that weren’t recorded well and some heavy editing is needed to make them come to life in your mix? I can help you with that also.

With this service you will get your drums mixed and sent back to you as 24-bit uncompressed .wav stems of your drums along with a two track mix of them.

Are you having trouble getting your drums to “sit right” in the context of your full mix? Give me a 2-track mix of your song with your drum stems and I’ll make them sit perfectly! For an extra $50 I will mix them into the context of your tracks.

If you want full mixing services use the “Extras” tab under the job order area to add full mixing to your order! Don’t be scared to contact me or send a custom order and budget so we can talk about the details of your project! I look forward to working with you!